Liberalization of Strategic Depth – II

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It originally appeared in Daily Times on Monday September 19, 2011 as my weekly column BAAGHI. Its first part, appeared on Monday September 12, 2011 in same paper, could be seen here. The defenders of the…

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Liberalisation of strategic depth — I

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Originally published in Daily Times on Monday September 12, 2011 as my weekly column BAAGHI On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, all we have in our hands is 35,000 graves, no state writ in 40 percent…

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Mind Your Language, Gentlemen

This is the unedited version of the article that appeared in The Nation on Tuesday July 8, 2014 “We are not wearing bangles”, “Be a man and face it”, “Have some balls and do it”, familiar language? Awfully so. Around

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Balochistan Assembly: a Critical View

 This article was originally published in weekly The Friday Times on October 11, 2013 Beyond the grand debate on mightier political issues, broad constitutional reforms and rights violations by state institutions, Balochistan’s development and its people’s well being could have

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Mrs. Salamanka

A poem by Noon Meem Rashid (Urdu), posting here specially for Faiza Sultan Khan, with a promise to post it in Persian transcript soon! Khuda hashr mein ho madadgaar mera Ke dekhi hein mein ne Mrs. Salamanka ki aankhein Mrs.

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Civil Society Gravely Concerned at Tuesday Turn of Events

Islamabad, 15 January 2013 We, the concerned citizens, human rights activists and civil society organizations, are watching with the gravest concern the fast-unfolding events in Islamabad today. It is the first time that a democratic dispensation was nearing its natural

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Accountability of the Prime Accountability Institution: Parliament

With its triangular function of legislation, representation and oversight on the Executive Branch of the state, Parliament is normally considered to be the prime democratic institution to hold the governments and state institutions accountable, as well as articulate concerns on

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Parliament and Civil Society: Some ideas for robust interactions

My presentation to Speaker & members of Provincial Assembly Sindh, and a group of civil society representatives, in 2010.

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Supreme Court and Public Accounts Committee

Sharing with you this important document, which has left me shocked and extremely disappointed in the ‘wisdom’ of those who need to be the wisest. Amid all kinds of corruption allegations on politicians being pursued by the Supreme Court of

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‘On Compromise’ by John Morley that Jinnah suggested for reading

  Below is the text of famous writing, On Compromise, by Lord John Morley of UK. I just found it in my collection of pdf documents gathered from various online & offline sources. Thought it is important to share it

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Discrediting an Activist

This is based on my short article that appeared in Express Tribune on June 19, 2012. We in Pakistan are wonderful people. We are righteous enough to hate on the corrupt and chaste enough to impulsively condemn the corrupt when

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Rinkle Kumari: A Test Case for Jinnah’s Pakistan (Updated)

This was originally written for The Friday Times appeared on May 25, 2012. Click here to read it from TFT. Posted here with some modifications “Supreme Court has once again killed the justice as it had done earlier under Molvi

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