British Council – Active Citizens Pakistan Programme (2009-11)

B.CouncilActive Citizens Pakistan Programme – 2009-2011

The British Council in Pakistan implemented an exciting programme for young people aiming at strengthening active citizenship and participation. We are currently looking for facilitators to be trained to deliver key trainings of the programme.

The programme aims to build the capacity of 4000 young people as leaders, influencers and active citizens within their communities developing their skills in leadership, communication, advocacy, citizenship, proposal writing, social action project delivery, fund-raising, entrepreneurship, partnership and network building during the first phase of capacity building in 2009 – 2010. the second phase will be implemented during 2010 – 2011.

We are looking forward to select a group of a total of 35 participants, to attend a five day Facilitators’ Training to be organised in Lahore from 17 – 21 November, 2009 and deliver the modules with young people.

The facilitators’ training is aimed at understanding the Active Citizenship training package including the content and modality. The participating facilitators will be expected to develop a plan for follow up trainings’ delivery during December 2009 – March 2011. This training will be conducted by International Facilitators from the United Kingdom.

Active Citizens Pakistan Programme 2009 – 2010

Facilitator’s Profile


  1. Pakistani national
  2. Age bracket: between 25 – 40 years old.
  3. Staff member of nominating organization
  4. Excellent facilitator and trainer: good interpersonal skills, good manager of groups, excellent at synthesis and analysis, good presentation skills etc.
  5. Experience of delivering training of trainers.
  6. Strong sense and understanding of local and national culture and identity.
  7. Excellent communication skills in relation to target audience and cross cultural work.
  8. Good understanding of global interdependency, global citizenship and sustainable development.
  9. Experience of working on Youth development and youth issues
  10. Understanding of and commitment to local community development, local community systems and processes.
  11. Established local and national professional networks
  12. Available to deliver trainings in the 16 districts Active Citizens programme is working with
  13. Available for Facilitators’ Training and be able to deliver follow up trainings as a commitment during December 2009 – March 2011 as per agreement with British Council.


  1. Experience of working with the local community
  2. Understanding of BC agenda in relation to diversity and working effectively with difference.
  3. Experience of mentoring young people in learning and development
  4. Strong English language skills
  5. Strong local language skills

Facilitator’s role:

  1. Agree and confirm contract terms and conditions before attending the PK training
  2. Attend the AC training for Facilitators from 17 October – 21 November 2009 in Lahore
  3. Deliver the local training component and follow-up modules with BC identified groups of young people (number of trainings to be decided by British Council)
  4. Offer feedback on all elements of the programme
  5. Facilitators will also have additional tasks as identified by delivery partners and the British Council local offices including reporting of trainings, M&E of capacity building cycle, participating in selection of master trainers from trainings, provide back-up support to master trainers during cascading model, provide debriefing sessions to master trainers at least once/as and when required

BC Role:

  1. Provide training opportunity to potential facilitators
  2. Plan training delivery calendar in consultation with facilitators
  3. Cover training costs
  4. Provide facilitators accommodation and out station travel (if the facilitator delivers training outstation)
  5. Provide daily subsistence allowance (if the facilitator delivers training outstation)
  6. Facilitators will NOT be paid remuneration for delivering trainings

Please send your applications through email to Sadia Rahman, Projects Manager, Active Citizens programme, British Council at by 23 October, 2009.

The application should include letter of interest, dully filled application form, complete CV and at least two references.

Active Citizens Programme Districts:

  1. Karachi
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Quetta
  4. Lahore
  5. Multan
  6. Bahawalpur
  7. Narowal
  8. Sargodha
  9. Rawalpindi

10.  Islamabad

11.  Peshawar

12.  Abbottabad

13.  Muzaffarabad

14.  Mirpur

15.  Kotli

16.  Bhimbur

Following is the form:

Active Citizens Programme

Facilitator Application Form



Community Name

(place of work)

Name of the facilitator
Date of Birth


Address, contact information, email address

Position in the organisation
Level of training skills and experience.

Please tick the box for relevant option

–       Above five years

–       At least five years

–       At least three years

Please mention trainings you have facilitated and the profile of participants

Experience of training trainers

Please mention the profile of participants

Experience of working with young people

Experience of working with the local community

(if applicable)

Level of competence in English

Level of competence in local language

Experience/knowledge of BC

International experience
Networks you are linked with
Other information; e.g. regarding commitment, availability, requirements etc
Availability for Training


17 – 21 November 2009

Availability for Module 1


December 2009 – March 2011

Organizational support available

Please mention at least two references