Administrative and Finance Assistant (NIM SC)

Job Category:    Admin Assistants

Career Level:     SC-5

Job Type:          Service Contract

Positions:          1

Agency / Project:           UNDP – Gender Based Governance Systems

City/Location:    Quetta

Country:            Pakistan

Posted On:        11 October, 2009

Last Date to apply:         25 October, 2009

Experience in years        2 to 3



The Gender Based Governance Systems project builds upon the lessons learnt from the Women’s Political School (WPS) and the Gender Mainstreaming through Planning and Development (GMP&D) projects of UNDP’s Gender Support Programme (GSP). WPS focused on women councilors capacity enhancement and was intended to institutionalize gender based governance through appropriate capacity enhancement of women councilors and relevant training institutions. The implementation experience of these two projects points to the necessity of putting in place an innovative implementation mechanism, benefiting from the previous experience of working with reform champions.
Gender Based Governance Systems is designed as a sustainable, long-term initiative to institutionalize the process of enabling and empowering local representatives particularly women to raise their issues and concerns in policy agenda. The major contribution of this project will be capacity building of a myriad of stakeholders which include government officers, local government representatives, parliamentarians and provincial assembly representatives. The strengthening of institutional capacities of relevant training organizations, institutes and governmental departments will be considered vital for the sustainability of the capacity-building process beyond the period of the project. This will be done through; representation of the concerned organizations, institutes and departments in the Project Advisory Board and Project Review Boards; involving them in the development of the curriculum; engaging their faculty/staff in delivery of the training; utilizing their premises and facilities; sharing of information and materials; and provision of training to their faculty/staff who will deliver the trainings to the stakeholders. The programme from the initiation stage will house itself in the relevant training institutes to ensure that there is increased capacity within training institutions; including local government training academies, National School of Public Policy and other government training institutions, organizations like civil society and academic institutions; and government departments to devise and deliver quality trainings to public representatives and officials. GBG also supports government on forthcoming population census which may include capacity building of public servants, especially for the prospective enumerators.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

The tasks and responsibilities of the Admin & Finance Assistant include:
Administrative responsibilities:
•   Assists in arranging meetings internal and external.
•   Makes travel arrangements for project staff and assists in processing the travel claims.
•   Assists to prepare project budget and maintain financial disbursement and monitoring systems.
•   Assists with all administrative and logistical arrangements for meetings, workshops and conferences
•    Assists project team members to photocopy documents, prepare sets of reports, binding and stapling.
•    Sends faxes, distributes the incoming faxes and maintains the fax register on agreed procedures.
•    Maintains leave records of the staff members.
•    Assists in inviting quotations and making comparison statements for various offices needed procurements.
•    Assists to prepare Power Point presentations; layouts and encoding of documents.
•     Acts as leave monitor for project’s staff members.
•     Maintains a proper filing system/inventory for the project.
•     Maintain a list of addresses/phone numbers of counterparts and relevant GOP/Private Organization’s officials.
•     Oversee the work of sub-ordinate project staff members.
Finance related Responsibilities:

• Assists in maintaining financial records for project or other office accounts for which responsibility is assigned.

•Assists in calculating and compiling costs estimates and projected budget requirements and preparation of budget statements.

•  Assists in preparation of payment requests/travel claims with the supporting documentation and liaison with UNDP for payments follow-ups.

• Performs any other duties as required.


Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
Bachelors Bachelors Degree (2-3 Years) Bachelors degree preferably in the field of finance and accounting