Our Ambitious Mohsin


Mohsin-e-Pakistan Speaks Out!

Amazing statement from the accused scientist who has been under detention for selling nuclear secrets of Pakistan to many foreign countries. He said that we’re not having situation like 1971 and that Pakistan has the capability of annihilating the country that looks at it with “maili aankh” (bad intentions).

We can destroy the entire population within five minutes, he said. Of course he assumes that Pakistan can do with getting destroyed. What shocks me is, he seems quite serious when he tells that Pakistan can do it in five minutes. Is the “mohsin-e-Pakistan” (thats what Daily Jang calls him!) oblivious of the fact that it doesn’t take five minutes to even set up what Pakistanis are fond of calling a Nuclear Bomb. But he is the main mason of the Islamic bum . . .oops, I mean bomb, he must know the nitty grities of setting it up and then, hold your breath, firing it on the DUSHMAN (this is a wonderful pet name of India, Pakistanis have given). But then why the Mohsin-e-Pakistan is telling a lie to the nation?

I think we’re leaving out some portion of the new item. Ah yes, here it is. The great Mohsin (I’m sure my friend Mohsin Sayeed is going to kill me for using his name unwarranted but Mo, I swear its not me, its the Jang Group!). He is very kindly offering his services for . . . no no dear readers, its nothing to do with scientific discoveries. It is about education, energy crisis, terrorism and good governance! Yes, he has “humbly” claimed that he can resolve all these problems with a wink of eye.

It was just a coincidence that one from the enormous fanning crowd . . . ooops slip of the click, I mean fan crowd stood up and informed the participants of this meeting that the DUSHMAN makes such heroes their president, while we detain our hero. Is it rocket science folks, to know what the Mohsin is eyeing at??????