That’s the Way!

[kaltura-widget wid="6qpbzbv1rc" width="400" height="365" addpermission="" editpermission="" /]This is Mustafa Kamal, Nazim Karachi, expressing his opinion on the tragedy of Bolton Market. While he humbly shares his profound thoughts, the news caster stays mum. I think here is something for President Zardari to learn from this young and promising politician of our country, how to handle media! And I don't think the media disliked the way Mustafa Kamal dealt with it because we saw no no videos of this conversation doing day-long rounds on TV screen with superimposed Indian songs our electronic media is so obsessed to use in current affairs programs. Naturally what Firdaus Ashiq Awan did with Abid Sher Ali or Kashmala Tariq on screen, was something to lament about and our free media was quite justified to humiliate her on that. But this one is something, I think all the media equivocally supports.

If it is so, why don't the politicians from other parties learn to behave? Why don't they express themselves the way this video shows? I think its high time to learn from youngsters and change the old ways.