Following is the text of an email I received on Jan 22, 2010 from some Syed Muhammad Pasha on an email network that I’m member of and keep receiving their emails. This particular email got my attention for being venomous towards one particular religious minority of Pakistan, which cotinues to be under attack by an overwhelming religious majority of the country. My reply to this email consisted of my request to help understand what this particular Press Release wants to say? What do we mean by BOYCOTTING QADIYANIS? If we mean denying them jobs etc, we’re already doing that. Almost all the institutions of this country have this unwritten (and sometimes written) principle that no Ahmadi would be appointed as the head of institution. Then what exactly boycotting them means? Does that mean killing them? Even that is already being done quite in routine and scot-free. So, what exactly this "Call for Boycott” actually means?


Obviously, my email is unanswered to date. But I present this question to all of you. What exactly do we mean?


“Baithul Aman”

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PRESS RELEASE Dt. 24th Jan.2010
Being fully convinced that the “QADIYANIS” {who hold the view that Ghulam Ahmed of Qadiyan in Gurdaspur Dst. of Punjab is the latest prophet, whilst the Quran has made it clear that Muhammad (peace be on him) is Allah’s Last Messenger,} are not all Muslims but are masquerading as such, the Shariath Protection Council has launched, today, after the Jummah congregational prayers, a ‘QADIYANI BOYCOTT” Movement through distribution of handbills appealing for a SOCIAL BOYCOTT of those pseudo-Muslims. Very soon, in consultations with other Muslim organizations. A JOINT ACTION COUNCIL will be, God Willing, formed to strengthen the Movement.