Our Beloved Economic-Growth-Guy Moves on!

shortcutAnd the life moves on! But for some it moves on and on upwards no matter whatever happens to those they had ruled. When our self righteous media and civil society shrieks against the corruption committed over a decade ago followed by a decade of imprisonment by the accused, our eyes are closely shut for people who have recently looted us of our money and future, usurped power from the people with gun power and stuffed their personal kitty to bursting level.

Yes this is about the secular (still Taliban-grower) former president who came to power as a result of his bloodless coup in 1999, and who is enjoying his life in the expanse of his posh bungalow in London and touring glamorous capitals of the world for lecturing youth on democracy and war against terrorism.No one in our media, civil society and opposition parties is too sure about what to do with him and his glaring corruption. Our media jehadis do not have enough resources to dig out evidences of corruption against him. But yes, their “reliable sources” are always there to grant them (with out expecting anything in lieu) all documentary evidences on the corruption cases which have been confessed to be fraudulent even by those who registered them.

But here comes the scoop. Our master mind of Steel Mill case that won our chief adjudicator the inconvenience of March 9 in 2007, none other than our beloved economic-growth superman, Mr. Shaukat Aziz, has been recently hired by the Nigerian government. He, along with Malaysian economic giant, Mahatir Mohammad, have been engaged by the Nigerians to advice them economic boost strategies. Both of them have been, obviously, hired on very “reasonably cheap” price tags.

These days, if you ask our economic-growth-man, how’s Nigerian economy doing? You would hear an excited, “Its doing much better now”!

Maxim of one of our childhood bedtime stories used to be something, which can now be conveniently changed to, Price never hath a fall! Let’s carry on with our NRO bashing. After all, its very important to save our country from corruption, which will come to an end if NRO is bashed up and present government resigns. Yes sure!