Mannerism & Protocol: Forgotten Values?

pmNot at all! That it is not forgotten, was such a pleasant discovery! I was so happy to get a demand from the National Assembly and the Senate of Pakistan to train their staff in mannerism and Protocol. The sense of protocol we imparted in the training was quite different from the vibes this word normally gives. Instead of reinforcing the VIP culture through wrongly perceived definition of protocol, it was great to talk about a more localized “Hifz-e-Maraatab” – the ethics and mannerism according to one’s stature (age, knowledge, wisdom, gender, office and other more egalitarian variables!). The above picture was taken after a training session on Protocol and Mannerism, specially held for the Public Relations Staff of the Senate and the National Assembly. This was an advanced session, held in compliance of the demand from the staff of both the Houses. This five days course (held in May 2009) was an advanced and detailed form of the earlier course on this theme, which we held in 2007. I’m so happy to record here that not only all the participants liked it for being informative and practically supportive for their work, but their bosses have recently regarded it beneficial in improving the capacity of their staff, in  a recent post-training evaluation.