Parliament and Civil Society: Some ideas for robust interactions

My presentation to Speaker & members of Provincial Assembly Sindh, and a group of civil society representatives, in 2010.

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13 comments on “Parliament and Civil Society: Some ideas for robust interactions
  1. Iftikhar Alam Khan says:

    “No guarantee to appease populist rhetoric, this blog might offend religionist hyper nationalists” After reading the most credible & self explanatory caution written on the top of the blog there is no need for any further comment, except the admiration for the courage,honesty and commitment of the blogger.

  2. Ali says:

    I was listening to you opine on a talk show, as being a 2nd generation Canadian of Pakistani descent; I find the antics of most Pakistani quite amusing. I could are less about your views vis-a-vis Pakistan, but what gives you the right to pass judgement on Pakistanis living abroad when you made the foolish statement that we are trying to hange the culture of Western nations, it is us Diaspora Pakistanis which are responsible for 20% (official) of your forex, 5% (official) GDP, and large inflows of FDI, charity, human capital and tourism. We are not imposing our values or seeking any special accomodation, we are simply seeking our rights as other groups (African Americans, Jews, Catholic, Jehovah Witnesses, Sikhs, Wiccans, Atheists) have through constituionally protected avenues which in Canada is the Charter of Rights, and in the United States is the 1st and 14th ammendment to the Constitution. Opine and rant all you want BUT LEAVE DIASPORA PAKISTANIS OUT OF IT. We have a hard enough time without have to deal with faux Liberals such as yourself.

    • Marvi Sirmed says:

      Thanks for commenting Mr. Ali. Don’t know which comment of mine has itched you this much, but I really can’t help. What I think, I’ll most probably keep on saying despite your pain. Sorry about that. But you’ll have to bear with it. I’ll keep saying it again and again. Warm wishes.

      • Ali says:

        Please keep your vernacular to Pakistanis, As a native English speaker I have no idea what you are implying when you state “I have been itched”, I can only surmise that you mean “I have no idea which of my comments have irked you”. Well I will let you know which of your comments has irked me, in one of your appearances you stated that Pakistani Muslims living abroad have tried to impose their values on Western society, this is not the case, we are simply utilizing the constitution (Charter of Rights in Canada, and the 1st and 14th Ammendments to the US constitution) so that our sisters can dress ACCORDING TO THEIR WISH in he public realm….If you want to opine on issues abroad, may I suggest the plight of Kashmiris, Muslims in Gujarat, Rohingya, Palestinians… Or, you can opine on Pakistanis in the diaspora, and mention on how sisters are getting their hijabs, and niqab outlawed, or how they are hijabs and niqabs pulled off, Isn’t this what REAL LIBERALS DO!?!?!?

  3. Why your relegion starts from hijabs and niqabs and ends on pardah.There are variuos issues in islam.Why are you so sensitive about the women.I mean you kill them.Killing women in Pakistan is no problem.You want to keep them hidden so that you do want to give them there rights.Simple as that.And by the way did your first generation went legally in Canada?the answer is NOOO.How your first generation went to Canada.You ask me a question and I,ll give you the answer.Your country,your values.Do you know your history ?Ask them (canadians) they will tell you.If you are a punjabi and specially belongs to (araeen) cast,then I,ll explain you how you went to canada.But if you are a non-punjabi then I,ll tell you,how you were accomudated in abroad.I really don,t want to heart you but I,ve got situation here.My Mazars and mosques are under attacked by some idiots who are killing innocent women and children in the name of islam, anty education, hijabs,bioody naqabs and you are the only muslim who is trying to save this great religion, where?in Canada .I feel so sorry.

    • Ali says:

      Mr. Qureishi, Now you may be the most brilliant orator/writer in Urdu/Punjabi or whichever language is your native language, but my 75 year old grandmother who has a Matric level education can formulate a sentence in English much better than you can. A bit of free advice if I were you, I would start to improve my grammar, and spelling before engaging in a debate in English. As for the issue of Hijab and Niqab, I have no idea what ‘Pardah’ is. Now you living in Pakistan are probably not familiar with how sacrosanct the Constitution is in Canada and the United States, and aording to constitution (Charter of Rights in Canada, 1st and 14th ammendment to US Constitution) The government can make no laws which violate the person’s speech, dress and religion. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED PAKISTANIS OPINE ABOUT, DON’T DRAG IN DIASPORA PAKISTANIS WHO ARE USING CONSTITUTIONAL AVENUES TO GAIN THE SAME RIGHTS THAT Catholics, Jews, Sikhs, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Wiccans and Atheists have utilized the constitution from issues ranging from seperate state funded schools in Ontario to changes in US Army grooming standards for Sikhs and Jews. As for the legality of my forefathers immigration to Canada, he and the rest of my family came here legally, and Al’hum’D’il’Allah beause I do not have to put up with the Bida & Jahiliyya of Pakistanis such as yourself as a result I can practice Islam as the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions did. Now if you such liberal and open minded person, why are you bringing Punjabi, Non-Punjabi, and caste into this? This is not how educated liberal minded people think. My family has Punjabis, Indian Muslims, Pashtuns, Muhajirs, Bengalis, West Indians and even White Canadians in it. You know why? BECAUSE WE ARE MUSLIM, not Punjabi or Indian or whatever stupid arbitrary classification you want to impose based on language, place of birth or diet. Grow up

  4. DIASPORA PAKISTANIS: Excuse me sir! Will you please explain me that why your relegion starts from the plights of kashmiris,muslims in Gujrat,Rohingya,Palastinians,hijabs niqabs.Do you own your pakistani muslims which have been divided in several classes of there own Fiqqas.By the way you are what muslim,A Shia muslim or a sunnee muslim.If shia muslim .Which shia muslim,Nusehry shia, Jaafry shia,or a liberal shia.I,ll explain you about these three later but you tell me which one of them you know.I hope you did not even heard.But if you you ever come to Pakistan i will show you the universities.And don,t tell me that you don,t believe them because this is only muslim school of thought which bring a political revolution in the name islam in the history of the muslim world,Now come to Sunnie muslims,There are four types of believers in this school of thought.Liberals,Ehle sunnat,Barelvi.Dev Bund and Ehle Hadees.Dev Bund and Ehle hadees have declaired theselves KAAFIRs in the light of quran and hadith.(according to sharia).Ehle hadees declaired liberals and ehle sunnat as Mushriks.Dev Bund have declaired barelvis as mushriks and kafirs.And they they all believes that if they got married which each others(men and women)They will be out of the ring of Islam.Willyou please tell me thet is this a new kind of islamic FiQQa,DIASPORA PAKISTANI?

    • Ali says:

      Hashim, what in the blue blazes are you talking about!?!?! I am sorry but one of us needs to take some remedial English classes, because I have no idea what you just said, I don’t mean to insult you but it is the truth.

  5. NA Shaikh says:

    First, i can say this with confidence that no person belonging to 3rd generation diaspora is making any contribution to forex of Pakistan. Major contributor are people working in the Middle Eastern countries or new immigrant to Europe and America who have left old parents, wife/children or debts behind. so normally they send home some money either to pay their debts or living allowance for their dependents. Then there is another lot..mostly of old/retired Pakistanis who have some extra money and they come home looking for some ‘double shah’ (no patriotism or finer feelings for pakistan are involved in this whole transaction)
    Second,I agree with Marvi that Pakistani are trying to impose their values on western society (we will never let westners do the same thing in Pakistan) Basically they have identity crisis. some Pakistanis have successfully adopted the norms of their new country and they seem to be successful and happy..others are looked down upon as pakis in their adopted country and as canadian/european in their native country so they are trying to use every gimmick in the book to attaract attention by either growing free flowing beards, hijabs or niqabs interestingly most of them had no beard/niqab/hijab when they first landed here from their beloved Pakistan

    • hashmiqureshi says:

      OK! Well done .Please take the same phobea to the generation after the migration of 1947.Very good friend of mine told me happily that i,ve bought seven shops in market near central Manchester.And i will buy every inch of that poor english landlord which he owns.Now i,ve got a problem here,because i my self is facing the same sitution.The same same targets ,th same goals thasme rlegious issues and the same beard face sitting in the the grain markets ,fruit and vegetable markets holding stolks of millions and millions with the help of every concerned institution,belonging to the same baerdface, same goal,same target.Giving agriculture goods like,chemical fertilizers,agropests,seeds,tractors,implements used in leveling and ploughing.So how can you make Diasporas and other organization,and for what ?,Please stop struggles for us please ,please dont help us.They are several relgious parties expanding islam here in our beloved islamic republic.Recently they,ve send there missionary to marvisirmed.


    • hashmiqureshi says:

      ATTACK ON MARVI SIRMED: I have seen what Mr.Abdullah ahmed or what ever he is,typed in his comments but he is very right.Because he really don,t know why he want to kill marvi sirmed.Most of the fundamentalists ,extremests really don,t know why they are killing or bombing so maney innocent children and women.Just imagine a fully trained Gorrilla warrior whose mission is to destroy his enemy .Equiped with mass destroying weapons,i mean autometic weapons,rather having blowing jackets on there bodies to destroy themselves.And they don,t know who they are going to kill and why?So this is the situation we have been throuh for last many years.And here are so many political parties and groups medias who are supporting them not only moraly but also politically and financially.How many media peoples have been killed up till now and no one even bothers.What kind of humans we are?What a society has been shaped up.Marvi sirmed is a well known worlwide popular activist,columinst and i have not hered any kind of news that what has happened to her? I mean the one and alonewomen writing speaking fighting,phisically threatened,abused by the most laerned people we know .and now some one openly announcing that i am going to kill her and no one even bothers.No statements from any forum .Are we humans Really.


    • Ali says:

      Dear NA Shaikh, What barometer are using to guage the level of economic impat that Diaspora Pakistanis are having on Pakistan, there is merit to your statement that the GCC countries are the prime contributors but that is the fact that the sheer number of Pakistanis in the GCC countries would naturally make them the largest contributors but if you look at the list the US and UK are 2nd and 3rd respectively, as for the motives I can;t speak to the motives of anyone else but myself (after all this is what a truly educated, humanist liberal does) but I have not given a single Rupee to my family there for the simple fact that I only have two uncles who are businessment. I don’t want to make you feel bad, but me and my entire family have donated in Zakat to build and maintain schools, wells, tandoors for the poor, orphanages, clinics (All praise be to Allah, for giving us so much that we can do this).

      Your second point illustrates your narrow thinking, I don’t comment about Pakistani politics beause it is not my place that is for you Pakistanis to build the society you want to build. As such you should not opine on Diaspora Pakistanis and our political and social aspirations, as no one understands them better than we do. Yes we have adopted the norms of North American society many of my family members wear the Hijab, sport beards and wear kufis, because there is freedom of religion. Now there is a segment of the population that wants to ban the veil, but still permit turbans for Sikhs, veils for Catholic Nuns, Wigs for Jewish womens, face masks for Jains and Buddhists, etc. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THE DYNAMICS AT PLAY, SO IT IS BEST YOU KEEP QUIET. As for your assertion that we are a people that is neither American/Canadian/British or Pakistani, you are spot on. We have our own culture, our own outlook and aspirations, however we are not alone each immigrant group faces the same situation and it is a fascinating journey.

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