Is PSL a Distraction from Real Issues?

By Lala Hassan

Media is pushing a strange narrative around the holding of Pakistan Super League (PSL) Final match in Lahore. Listening to news updates and talking heads on media it appears as if there was no international cricket in Pakistan ever, and that Pakistan would change when international teams would start coming to Pakistan.

Can we recall pre-2000 era when all international cricket teams used to come to Pakistan? Did it help changing Pakistan to a peaceful country? Shall peace come with the theatrics of PSL? Shall Pakistan transform into a progressive, peaceful and prosperous country? Shall the problems of the poor be resolved and addressed automatically? Shall the corruption end? Shall India and Pakistan come to peace? Shall the Military go back to the barracks?

And many other questions. ———–Nothing shall change. These are all cosmetics. Useless theatrics.

Lala Hassan

One thought on “Is PSL a Distraction from Real Issues?

  1. But don’t you think people’s inability to indulge in healthy recreational activities and sports is an important issue? Hasn’t the holding of PSL on home ground – well at least the final match – has given a message not only that they are not ready to be continuously terrorised by the bloodshed, but also that are extremely starved for sports and social activities? In my view this provides a food for thought to all of us – the civil society and the state – for putting this back on the table. The issue of people’s inalienable right to be happy. Which has been violated for far too many years to ignore.

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