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Pause, Sirs, and Ponder

This article was written by Pakistan's finest analyst, Mr. I. A. Rehman, for Dawn, published on December 24, 2009   The fact that in its response to the Supreme Court judgment of Dec 16 the nation is divided cannot be

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  • RT @mahobili: Yar bohat he antt level ka haramzada hona perta hai to defend Imran Khan. How do you guys manage it? 49 minutes ago
  • Logo chawkidaar na rakhna, gher pe qabza ker le ga! 50 minutes ago
  • "@ejazhaider: saaray baandraaN nooN veikh rae naiN, madaari nooN koi naiN veikh reya." 51 minutes ago
  • O hell. Damn you #PATPTI RT @ahsanmak: RT : SSP Junejo in critical condition plz pray #Salute #Respect plz inform me definition of #Peaceful 52 minutes ago
  • RT @mr_shami1: سراج الحق نےقومی کانفرنس کےبعد جوکہاہےکہ اگردستورکوکچھ ہواتو بلوچستان، خیبرپختونخواسےاسلام آبادآنامشکل ہو جائےگاکچھ لوگوں کے… 53 minutes ago
  • RT @omar_quraishi: Some protesters knew where room which handles the International telecast was and asked female staff to say live that the… 1 hour ago
  • Mr. PM sir, if you resign under the pressure of unruly mob, you'd not be forgiven ever by the historian. Let the sponsors come if they must 1 hour ago
  • This is how SSP Asmatullah was beaten up by #PATPTI goons. “Peaceful” is the operative word here. Shameful… 1 hour ago
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