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Parliament and Civil Society: Some ideas for robust interactions

My presentation to Speaker & members of Provincial Assembly Sindh, and a group of civil society representatives, in 2010.

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Rinkle Kumari: The Timeline of Injustice

February 24: Rinkle Kumari was abducted / disappeared early in the morning. At 11:00 am Nand Lal, her father received a call from Mian Aslam son of Mian Abdul Haq (aka Mian Mitho) who informed that Rinkle was with him

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Press Conference on Forced Conversions of Hindu Girls to Islam

Supreme Court of Pakistan opened a long pending case against forced conversions of Hindus to Islam in Pakistan. The case was filed by pakistan Hindu Council in 2007. Supreme Court made this move after increase in the conversion cases in

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Rinkle Kumari – the New Marvi of Sindh

Originally published in The Friday Times in its April 13-19, 2012 issue Malalai Yusafzai, the brilliant Pakistani girl who defied Taliban’s dictation and stood firm on getting educated and persuaded her peers to do so, is a face of Pakistan

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Pakistan Fights Back in Shikarpur

This post was originally written for the Daily Times, appeared as my weekly column BAAGHI on Monday November 14, 2011 The Islamic Republic of Pakistan saw yet another moment of national shame right on the day of Eid-ul-Azha when four

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Lets Read History Anew

It took me quite some time and effort to come to terms with the fact that we’re, sadly, living in a society where mediocrity is promoted with an unprecedented rigor, where ordinariness becomes your asset and where intelligence and ability to

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  • Waah! +10000 RT @MansoorGeoNews: If we bring our families in the house, democracy will not become stronger - Khalid Maqbool Siddique #MQM 17 minutes ago
  • Yes happy morning it was. Hopeful for a new dawn for Pakistan Insha'Allah RT @Seemaazam: check the jobless ratio in pakistan. 20 minutes ago
  • Hahaha RT @imranPmlN: بریکنگ:- ایک مولوی ار دوسرا ایچی سن کا بگڑا ہوا لڑکا تم چاہتے کیا ہو، محمود خان اچکزئی" 22 minutes ago
  • RT @MalickViews: Mr aitzaz ahsan's speech was carried live and uninterrupted, with all it's criticism of the govt . Don't know why some fri… 24 minutes ago
  • RT @mr_shami1: قومی اسمبلی میں اپوزیشن کا ایک ایک لفظ پارلیمنٹ کے باہر بیٹھے جھتے پر اور انکے پس پردہ عناصر پر ہتھورا بن کر برس رہا ہے، جمہ… 30 minutes ago
  • +100 RT @RehamKhan1: Aitzaz Ehsan demonstrating the result of a good education & a groomed intellect. 32 minutes ago
  • “Jo Leader of Opposition ne kaha, wo hum ne ghaur se suna” Chaudhry Nisar to Aitzaz. hahahaha 48 minutes ago
  • Aitzaz, you make us proud. What oratory, what passion, what arguments. Kudos. #Parliament #Pakistan 52 minutes ago
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