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A Record of U.S. Drone Attacks in Pakistan

For the use of news analysts, bloggers and researchers, I have compiled following record of US attacks on Taliban on Pakistan's territory. I could gather the news items about a total of 84 drone (un-manned predator planes) attacks on Pakistan

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What's Common Between Taliban and US Forces?

    Guess what is common between US forces and Taliban? Yes, its God. If Muslims’ God shows face of apocalyptic violence, the Christians’’ God surely says: “And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite

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  • Clear Islamabad of the goons and I promise I'll join dozens of my comrades to sweep away the dirt and trash out of our city. Enough. 24 minutes ago
  • Hahaha RT @RabiaAnumm: Umpire says its A Sixer ! #BraveHashmi #Democracy 45 minutes ago
  • Truly RT @abbasnasir59: JH's resignation in line with PTI policy was a slap in the face of his critics within his party. 46 minutes ago
  • RT @sirmedmanzoor: Govt. must act to clear & clean Islamabad from rowdy mob immediately as demanded by Parliamentary leaders. ENOUGH!!!! 47 minutes ago
  • Parliament Mr Prime Minister sir, is your first line of defense. Give it it's due respect.You & your Cabinet should be there in all sessions 1 hour ago
  • This - - - > RT @RabiaAnumm: Dekhlen Mian Sab. You always Ignored Parliament. The Same Parliament Saved You! 1 hour ago
  • RT @SaboohSyed: جاوید ہاشمی نےدل کی بات کی ،عزت اورتوقیرکے ساتھ استعفیٰ دیا۔ نئےسیاسی بچوں کو جنہیں ابھی سیاسی حمل ٹھہرا ہے،سیکھنا چاہیے کہ… 1 hour ago
  • RT @ghazala_khan: PTI Ayesha Gullalai hurled abuses to speaker office , parliament when PTI MNAs went to render resignations. #AzadiMarchPTI 1 hour ago
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