I will never go to a madrassa again!


* 14-year-old boy says madrassa head sodomised him

Posted By Shahnawaz Khan in October 2009 

LAHORE: "I will never go to a madrassa again," said 14-year-old Ali Shehryar after getting home barefoot on September 20 (Thursday). Shehryar's family lived in Shah Faridabad, Sabzazar. He lived and studied at Jamia Masjid Bilal in the same area. 

 Shehryar alleged that the madrassa head, Qari Mujahid, had sodomised him. Sabzazar police registered a case against the qari on Saturday and arrested him the same day.

 Once behind bars, Qari Mujahid prayed continuously and kept changing his statement. First he said he had been implicated in a false case and that the medical report would clear him of the charges. However, he did not say why Shehryar implicated him in a 'false case'. He alleged that no such incident had taken place. Later, he alleged that he had no intention to sodomise Shehryar, rather Shehryar himself persuaded him to do so, but he declined. 

 Shehryar said in the First Information Report (FIR) on August 28 Qari Mujahid asked him to guard the madrassa from 10:00pm to 1:30am. He said the qari then called for him at 9:00pm in the madrassa's courtyard and asked him to massage him. He said some students were present there, but were sent to their rooms. He alleged that the qari took him inside a room and sodomised him. He said that when he tried to resist, the qari threatened him. 

 Shehryar alleged that that Qari Mujahid again called him to his room to sodomise him on September 20. He said he made an excuse that he had to go to the toilet and would return soon. He said he escaped from the madrassa, got home and told his family that he would never go back. 

 He also said he told Qari Noor Ahmad, about the incident, was advised to keep silent. He also alleged that there were three other students at the madrassa who had been sodomised, but they did not speak up because they were also threated. 

 Inspector Qaisar Butt said investigation was underway. He said Qari Mujahid had been sent for an examination and the report would clear the picture.