#Awesome Pakistani Things


We, the founders of this trend on Twitter, think that there are reasons for anybody belonging to Pakistan, to be proud of and to celebrate about.


We believe that we’re a nation that carries a baggage of history comprising victories, failures, achievements, scholarly contributions to the world of modern times. The tweeple contributing to this trend want to celebrate all these reasons to smile, but also want to revisit what, as a nation, we’ve achieved and lost.



We’re fun loving, forward looking modern people who have respect for others and believe in Live and Let Live philosophy. We invite the world to contribute to this trend in whatever noteworthy thing they have seen in Pakistan and Pakistanis.



We, also, want to revive the memories of our childhood and how Pakistan has been all through last six decades. So guys and gals, log in to your twitter account and start contributing to #AwesomePakistaniThings right away!



Lets have some happy moments together!



Founders of the Trend:

Khawar Mehmood

Sara Taseer

Marvi Sirmed