This is the Time to Act!

This small passage was written by Rwail Sirmed in May 2009, when she was 9 years old

I.D.P’s are our sisters, brothers, friends ect. Who have been displaced from their home because of the Taliban. Pakistan army is trying to fight against Taliban and getting them out of our Homeland, these people are the kkk’s (kuu kllux klan) of Pakistan .

Some I.D.P camps are recently established in Islamabad. The children don’t have anything to eat and crockery to eat in.The hygienic conditions are not good and there is no cleanliness so that’s they have skin problems and fever etc. They don’t have medicines or doctors that’s why the diseases are increasing. there are no school so the children cant study. They don’t have books to read and toys to play.

They sacrificed for us so that the Taliban dont come to Islamabad. Now its our turn to act.I request the children from mazmoon-i-shauq and other children who want to join us, to help these children who r our friends from Swat. Lets go to I.D.P camps to selute our friends and bring them food, books and toys. More than anything they need our company and time.leta go.

My mother has volunteered to take us to the camps.Would you like to go?